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Sunday, December 5, 2021
Sunday, December 5, 2021

If you want to make your model to stand out from others, you can add DIY (Do It Yourself) accessories such as wooden boxes.

This process is relatively easy and you just need a hobby knife, a ruler, a sheet of polystyrene plastic, acrylic paints and washes.


First you start drawing the design of the box based on the needs of your tank, because not every box fit in some tank places such as fenders, so be sure to use a ruler to measure the space in which your wooden box will be placed, and then start to draw it on the styrene sheet with a pencil.

Cut each piece wit a hobby knife, I usually start to scribe the sheet and then apply pressure to cut the piece; You can also use scissors too.

Draw lines to have 3 sections of ‘wood’ with your pencil, and use your hobby knife to scribe a thick line to separate each wood part.

The next step is to make the wood texture, and you achieve this scribing the top and bottom parts, first you use the sharp edge of the hobby knife procuring not to apply to much pressure, just vertical movements, and don’t use a ruler or try to be accurate, just scribe freely, and believe me, the texture will come out great.

Glue the the box parts using super glue, and use a sanding sheet to correct any mistake you may have.

Now you can have some more detail by adding metal bars, and with the hobby knife, make some holes to simulate screws or nail placement.

Also, make holes to the sides (Note that I have decided to simulate metal plates on the sides of the wooden box.

After finishing your wooden box, you can start base painting; I use Vallejo 70977 – DESERT YELLOW thinned with water for base paint, and then use a diluted wash with Vallejo 71130 – ORANGE RUST to have a more wood look, the metal parts were painted with Vallejo  72053 – CHAINMAIL SILVER, and after that, washes were applied using Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color washes (Dark brown and Black).

The result is quite good and can greatly enhance your model!!

Hope you like this article

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Rafael 12th June 2020 at 3:21 pm

Excellent, thank you!

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