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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Thursday, January 20, 2022
  • Product Name : The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman with Bat-Pod
  • Product Number : 0938
  • Manufacturer : Moebius Models

This is the build review for the Catwoman with Bat-pod vehicle. If you havent read the kit’s review, head to here. 

Moebious has done a fantastic job with the instructions. In only seven steps, you will have the whole kit assembled and almost painted. That been said, there are a couple of issues that I found out along the way that I feel is important to share.

Step one is divided into seven subcategories building mainly the bat-pod chasis. The parts fits together very well and since there are no flash or ejector pins the only thing that one has to deal with are the seam lines… and they are a lot of them. Almost every part needs to be clean up. This is because the kit itself has not that many parts and each one counts. From the engine block to the braces all has seam lines present. Here is a good chance to add up some scratch building if you wish to since the chasis itself is very sleek so to speak, otherwise details are adequate and reflecting the pod featured in the movie.

Paticular attention must be taken on step 1F. The bracket that holds the whole front wheel has to be perfectly vertical against the chasis… or you will have the risk to end up with a pod having a turn to the left or right… not ideal. This is the most difficult step that I found building this kit since they don’t even show where to or a simple guide dot that perhaps could be painted afterwards… here in my build although I thought I got it pretty straight, on the final assembly the wheel was out to the right by a milimeter or two. Yes, perhaps is not much and I did managed to fix it but the more novice modeller will certanly have scratching his or her head wondering what went wrong.




After the mega step one where you basically assemble 80% of the whole kit comes step two and three. These one focus on the front and rear wheel assembly. Here the instructions makes you put everything togehter and fix the vinyl tire to it… Don’t. Assemble the left and right part of the axels and let them be for the time being ready for the priming and painting process. There is no really need to assemble them now since it will be almost impossible to paint the kit afterwards without some se

rious masking going on!. While you are at it building the axels, maybe is a good time to get a mini drill and drill those holes on the gun barrel… as you can see from the photo it makes a positive difference.

















Finally on step four is time to put the pod together. If you got the front axel angle right, you are on a winner, if not, time to make some adjusments!.

As you can see from the pic, I did paint the pod before putting the wheels on… the fit was perfect!.









I am sure that while you have been waiting for the paint to dry you diverted your attention to catwoman. Here you have two choices: assemble her and paint her or paint her and assemble her… I opted for the second option and for a reason. Her costume is very shinny and a lot of thin layers of black paint and gloss went into the body parts while the head needed it a different treatment. Since the fit was so good I didn’t feel the need to use any putty at all, in fact I didn’t use any filler in the whole kit, kudos to Moebius!

Now to the final step… the handlebars and sitting catwoman in place. This is another unmentioned step: do not glue the handlebars to the chasis until catwoman is sitted and everything looks ok. A common mistake will be to glue the bars first and the having a real struggle trying to make her grab the handles and sit her in position…. much easier to do it the other way around.

Hope you guys found this build review useful and pls share your work on the site!

Rafael @rafael_estudio

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SMWAdmin 1st September 2020 at 3:10 pm

Nice to see something a little different from normal being built :). Good detail. Well done sir 🙂

Rafael 3rd September 2020 at 5:46 am

Thank you Chris 👍🏼

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