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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Thursday, January 20, 2022

T-90A Russian Main Battle Tank, The Hybrid of T-72 & T-80

  • Product Name : Russian T-90A MBT
  • Product Number : 05562
  • Manufacturer : Trumpeter

Quality of Packaging:-

Quality of Materials:-

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Quality of Decals:-

Overall Rating:-

This is a Trumpeter 2013 kit, one of its many version of T-90 variants. The kit has about as many parts as you can put on a 1/35 scale vehicle that doesn’t have an interior nor engine compartment, give or take about 800-900 parts or so.


T-90 is a third generation Russian main battle tank that entered service in 1993. The tank is a modern variation of the T-72 and incorporates many features found on the T-80.  The tank uses the reliable and proven chassis of the T-72 with the more advanced turret of the T-80.

Originally designated T-72BU and later renamed to T-90, this version is called T-90A or sometimes called T-90 Vladimir in honor of its chief designer Vladimir Potchkin. T-90A use common 2A46 125mm main gun, enhanced thermal sights, and Kontakt-5 Explosive Reactive Armour.

The kit is molded in light gray and tan styrene and presented in 25 part tress in total. You also get lots of decal to choose, three frets of Photo-Etched parts, copper & brass wire, and vinyl tubing for the oil barrel.


  • Very detailed overview on the tank exterior
  • Almost every part fits together nicely
  • Great addition for modern armoured vehicle fan


Trumpeter molded styrene is a little brittle & fragile compared to other T-90A brand


Overall the build and painting of this kit is rather fast. Even though it has a lot of small parts they all come together very easily. Here is the finished assembly before painting started. As you can see there are a lot of gold PE parts in this kit. The kit looks sturdy and cool even before it’s painted.

Here’s some photo after I paint it in basic T-90 parade camo.

I wanted to make a look of a dirty-ish modern vehicle so I added dry earth&mud on the wheels&track (Ammo Turned Earth and combination of AK Dark Earth & Ammo European Earth pigment). I also tried Vallejo streaking grime and it looks good enough in my opinion.

I also added spilled oil effect on the barrel and it turns out quite nice I reckon.

In conclusion I felt that this version of T-90A is a must have for modern armoured vehicle fan, particularly fans of Russian vehicle. With the release of Trumpeter version, now there’s quite a lot of brand you can choose to buy the T-90A kit (Trumpeter, Meng, Zvezda).

Thanks for reading this and have a good day to you all 🙂

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Hello everyone I'm Nicholas, 21 years old from Indonesia. Recently started modelling again after an 8 years break. I hope I can learn so many new things from you guys :)


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