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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Thursday, January 20, 2022

There are so many great painters and sources to improve your painting of figures that writing something different or of interest can be a challenge so I thought I’d outline what works for me right now and why

First the figure is primed , in most cases with  500 to achieve a nice smooth finish and good key for the top layers of paint

As a footnote I do like to scribe out detail and raise collars , pockets etc but that for a future article on improving stock figuresAfter priming the tones of the figure are chosen and in the case of the crew here instead of using straight from the bottle colour I prefer to mix,  add varying tones to add contrast such as flesh colour to Khaki or ochre with a touch of black to create a greenish grey hue.


Light source to the figure is pre planned and this group is mainly from the front left
With this in mind hi lights are kept in more contrast that side with shadows obviously on the other and reverse of the figure
Once the initial colour is laid on I like to work straight away with a wet to wet shading not worrying about creases in the material.
I work on the principal the arms and legs are cylindrical and torso a cube so how would this shade with the chosen light source
After I’m happy with that I prefer to leave the figure overnight to “hit” it with fresh eyes to check values and the start putting in further highlights and shadows where needed.
Uniform detail is then picked out plus any touch ups.
The first figure I did here was the figure in overalls holding a jacket
Each subsequent figure is constantly checked against it to make sure it works correctly but also there is a slight change in colour tones  , I know uniforms are meant to be “uniform” but with weathering , light etc I hope to achieve a sense of life to the different figures.
A word on the consistency of the paint.
First layers are straight from the bottle onto a wet palette with maybe a touch of water to ease wet on wet , after that all shading is done with almost a water type look to the paint
This allows to glaze and shade with a translucent way of painting , something I find easier with water based paints
I hope you have found something here of interest and  enjoy your modelling.
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Falcon models 3rd September 2020 at 10:00 pm

Heya these look absolutely amazing I’m looking for good paints and the flow and blending is amazing is this because of your paints or does the use of a wet pallet do this please could you dm me the paint manufacturer @falcon_models on insta thank you

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