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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Thursday, January 20, 2022

P-51D-5 Mustang Profipack edition

  • Product Name : P-51D-5 Mustang Profipack edition
  • Product Number : 82101
  • Manufacturer : Eduard

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The P-51 Mustang is one of the best and also the most famous fighters of all the time and although American airplane, it ownes a lot to the Great Britain for its genesis.

It was in 1940, when British Buying Comitee, led by Sir Henry Self, approached North American Aviation (NAA) company with request to built the Curtiss P-40s for the RAF, as the Curtiss had no production capacity to do so. But NAA president James Kindelberger offered Britons developement of much better plane instead. Britons agreed and the design team led by chief designer Edward Schmued, who was German born Austrian, started to work. The preliminary design was approved on May 4th 1940, final assembly and engine instalation began on September 9th (just 127 day after approval) and the frist flight of the NA-73X prototype followed on October 26th.

The D-5 was the first production batch apart of the -1NA (100 assembled Mustangs shipped for Australia). There were 800 P-51D-5NA produced at Inglewood and the Dallas plant added 200 of P-51D-5NT. The 5 series was the only to retain the shape of the vertical fin from P-51B/C. But as the lowered fuselage behind the bubble canopy reduced the rearside surface area, the directional stability of P-51D suffered. Due to that, starting with the P-51D-10 series, the dorsal fin was added to the stabilizer to remedy the problem and the field coversion ki was distributed to the units already using P-51D-5s. Thi

The Kit

The Profipack Edition is kit which provides additional functions that are not found in conventional kits. This means that the kit comes with masking for canopies, photo edge godies and perhaps the odd bit of resin.  The kit comes in the standard box with nice picture of P-51D in the sky of Europe, which flying in a dogfight against a german planes and protecting the formation of bombers. The box contains 5 sprues of plastic, 1 circular clear part sprue, decals for 6 different versions, masking for canopies and photo etching set.

All frames come in several plastic bags. Cockpit should be quite detailed out of the box. Fuselage halves come on the separate plastic sprue. Both are molded together with tail segment, but rudder is separate here Wing parts come on the last grey plastic frame. Parts division is typical and as a nice bonus we would get separate ailerons and flaps. Clear parts: Sharp and clear. Very good!


Another typical Profipack bonus – PE fret with various parts for external and internal detailing. Note that here we have instrument panel parts with dial glazing. And it’s awesome! Just look at that! It’s a masterpiece!

Decals sheet comes from Eduard itself and carries all necessary symbols. Printing quality looks nice and should be easy to work with.

Below you can see assembly manual. Instructions are Eduard’s standard format which I find easy to follow. There have been cases where you will have to take a good look of the part and dry fit it before gluing them. Is all about taking your time with it and enjoying it. Very pleasant to the touch magazine, which is also nice to leaf through.


  • Excellent molding quality with lots of fine and crisp details
  • Masking and photo etching sets
  • 6 different coloring schemes
  • Superb decals


  • Not for begginers
  • High price
  • Some extra parts


Summing up, I can say that this kit is not for beginners, because there are a lot of small parts. But still, this Mustang will be a perfect chance for those who would like to build famous US aircraft in 1/48 scale. It looks like Eduard succeeded in making something different from what is offered on the market. In one box you will get nice molding quality together with clever parts division. There is also huge choice of Brassin and PE which will make aircraft even more detailed. It’s a very beautiful aircraft, I recommend it for purchasing.

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BrettJ 15th July 2020 at 3:46 am

Great review thanks for sharing ! I look forward to Building one in the stash!

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