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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Thursday, January 20, 2022

Mig-29 Fulcrum Hopsten AFB 2001

  • Product Name : Mig-29 Fulcrum Hopsten AFB 2001
  • Product Number : 00371
  • Manufacturer : Hasegawa

Quality of Packaging:-

Quality of Materials:-

Quality of Instructions:-

Quality of Decals:-

Overall Rating:-

The Mig-29 represented a new generation of Soviets “super fighters “ when it appeared in the 1980s. Supplied to many Warsaw Pact and other nations, the Mig-29 is showing its age. Most will require upgrading to remain competitive.


This is an old kit. The moulds are from 1987 so the level of details and accuracy are easily bypass by more modern kits of its kind. Nevertheless Hasegawa did manage to produce a good product from the start so to this day it holds its value!.

Talking about value, this kit can still go in some shops for as much as £20-£25(same in euros) but one can find it with a bit of research for half price… this was the case for my one.

As you can see form the photos the plastic is typical of Hasegawa: hard/crisp satin grey plastic which you either like it or hate it. The sprues are free from flash and bagged on the same plastic bag… reminiscent of Airfix/Revell anyone?. This inevitable has cause some minor scratches on some parts in my main fuselage.

Instructions are pretty easy to follow with Hasegawa folding leaflet two tone colour. In 8 steps you are done, making it an easy build for the beginners and a refreshing project for the more advanced modeller that wants a non brainier fun to build between those beast ahead.

The clear parts although free from distortion has a bit of flash that needs to be taken care of

Oh don’t worry, I haven’t forgot about the decals… which is the kit’s biggest letdown. This Mig is supposed to represent East German Air Force …to that point all is well… but then the painting instructions makes you paint the plane in a bicolor scheme and then apply those giant thick decals on top of it!, why Hasegawa even bothered to produce these red colour decals is beyond me, apart from the fact to be able to justify the sale of this particular kit with this particular scheme… are they out there some many fans of East German airforce?, one can only wonder…

Apart from the decal messed up job and the age, this is still a nice little kit, just look at the recess details…


  • 2x plastic sprues with main parts.
  • 1x clear parts sprue (some flash came with mine)
  • instruction leaflet with paintings instructions for a Russian Mig
  • decals for East German unit
  • Easy build
  • Cheap if you know where to look
  • Good level of details for its age
  • Hasegawa
  • Decals! Don’t bother with the ones that comes with it, just paint instead
  • Minor scratches on main fuselage due to all the parts being bagged on the same bag
  • Flash on clear parts
  • No armament, but that is pretty common with Hasegawa kits.


It is a Mig-29 in 1/72 for a £10, of course is worth it. Forget about the decals and for a bit more get some aftermarket ones and let your imagination go.

beginners modellers will welcome this find.

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My parents bought me a Fujimi 1/48 BF-110C/D when I was 13 and stopped when I was 18. I picked the hobby up properly around 2 years ago... didn’t even know that aftermarket stuff existed!


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