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Sunday, October 24, 2021
Sunday, October 24, 2021
  • Product Name : Messerschmitt BF110C-2/C-4
  • Product Number : A03080
  • Manufacturer : Airfix

The Build.

The construction began with the cockpit. As in many other kits, we have to assemble the cab from scratch. This means that we have to cut and paste into the floor: 2 seats, steering wheel, dashboard and cockpit divider in a middle of cocpit itself. This is necessary to separate the pilot and the gunner. On a plane they sit back to back.

After the cocpit is assembled it’s time to assemble the fuselage. By connecting both parts of the fuselage with each other, it can be installed between the wings. The fuselage fits perfectly in the space specially provided for it between the wings. Then we fasten the upper part of the wings with the main part and glue the tail at the back. It is important to note that the rudders were glued exactly at an angle of 90 degrees. It remains to add the nose of the aircraft with an integrated machine guns, two engines with exhaust and propellers. Also do not forget about the chassis, which in the released position have good enough details. After this, we can proceed to painting.



After masking the canopy area, exhaust pipes and the gears, the entire aircraft was based coated with Mr Surfacer 1000 Grey.  After that, there was black pre shading (Hobby Color H12 Flat Black).


Then we have next steps:


1. Cocpit: I used three coats of Humbrol 31 and then the dark wash. That was pretty easy (it was painted before the installation in fuselage);

2. The underside of the aircraft was painted with Mr.Color 115 Light Blue; 

3. Upper surfaces were sprayed in 2 colors: main is Hobby Color H65 Black Green and additional is Hobby Color H303 Green FS34102;


4. Gears were painted with Humbrol 31 and Hobby Color H12 Flat Black.



For better result and quick drying on the surface, I used Thinner Mr.Mark Setter




AK interactive panelliner was used for weathering. It improved the look of the model and added volume to it.





In the end, I want to say that this kit was interesting and easy to assemble. I enjoyed the weathering process and tried new methods that I will hope to improve in future builds. My goal was not to show an old, beat-up plane. I set out to show a brand new, fresh from the factory plane. Well, I hope I got it. Also i hope you like this review. Thanks for reading!


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Scale_History 4th July 2020 at 3:41 pm

Very nice article and build!

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