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Sunday, December 5, 2021
Sunday, December 5, 2021
  • Product Name : JU-88 C-6
  • Product Number : 48238
  • Manufacturer : ICM

This kit is a 1/48 scale manufactured by Ukrainian company ICM. In terms of difficulty, I would consider it to be advanced due to some… interesting part choices in the interior. It also has some fitting issues here and there, but it comes together very nicely in the end. The kit itself is not that of a Nigthfighter, however, it includes parts that allows for the transformation into one.

The model, unfortunately, lacks any photoetch or masking sets, meaning that you would either have to mess around with the masking or just order a Kabuki mask set. Please do keep in mind to get such sets specifically made for the specified model and variation (Do not get an A-4 set for a C-6 set for example).

The camouflage itself corresponds to pictures I have found online instead of the manual.

The cockpit was painted using RLM 02 Green slate by Ammo-Mig, and decals and washes applied after clear coating with a semi-gloss clear varnish by Tamiya. A dark wash will be sufficient. Excess was removed with a brush dipped in enamel thinner.

The model initially was painted into a green-grey pattern but was soon recoloured into the Nightfighter scheme. Gaps were filled using Tamiya putty and Mr. Dissolved putty and sanded using 600 grit sandpaper. This is a very difficult stage given the amount of elbow grease required, but very important, as errors will be seen in the final paintwork if not handled properly.

The model was then primed using Ammo Mig One-shot primer and left for a day to dry. For the top color, RLM 76 was used and using RLM 75 in an airbrush created the camouflage blotches. It turned out that my paint was faulty and ended up frequently changing tones and consistency in the cup, resulting in very messy results. I managed to correct most of these issues in the end but of course there was much to be desired. The lower part was airbrushed with matt black, with a hard edge on the camouflage made using masking tape.

The model was then clear coated using Tamiya clear and decals applied and sealed.

The upper part of the model was weathered using a diluted oil mixture of dark brown and black and applied over panel lines. It was then removed with a paper towel before it dried.

The black parts of the model were weathered using AK interactive Kriegsmarine wash because of its very grey nature, which ends up complimenting the black nicely.

Exhaust stains were airbrushed using a mixture of Tamiya red-brown and black.

The propeller was also chipped using chipping fluid by ammo mig. The colour before the chipping fluid needs to be metallic.

Oil and fuel stains were brush painted and blended around fuel caps on the wings.

The cockpit was painted in RLM 75 and also sealed with varnish (Don’t forget to mask the clear parts!)






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