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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Thursday, January 20, 2022

Interview with David Rainer aka “Mr War”

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Hello fellow members and welcome to this month’s interview. This month we have another excellent modeller and one of my oldest Instagram friend. He has been an inspiration to me trying to achieve that “german perfection” in my models.

The funny thing is that he has been on Instagram just over 3 years and already has more than 7K follower. So what is the secret of our aeronautical engineer and German at heart for such a success? Let’s meet David!

Hello David and warm welcome to “person of the month”.

  • How old are you? I am 24
  • Where are you from? A beautiful Region in Germany called the “Siegerland”
  • What do you do for living? I am a full time student at the moment. Currently finishing my master´s thesis for my aeronautical engineering degree
  • How long have you been scale modelling? On and off for probably over 12 years but at this level I´d say about 3 years when I started my Instagram modelling account.
  • Your favorite scale? I´d say 1/48. 1/32 is an amazing scale with superb detail but they can get quite large and expensive very quickly
  • What is your favorite subject and why? At the moment I would have to go with Russian and Soviet aircraft. I really enjoy their shapes, camouflages and weathering options.
  • Have you ever done commission work and what is your thoughts about it? Yes, I´m currently working on my 3rd commission build. I enjoy it because I only accept commissions of kits I want to build anyway. It takes up a lot of time which then pushes back the personal projects. So I will try to reduce them a bit in the future to bring some epic personal builds to the people.
  • Some of your followers called you “Mr War” why? Haha, I think that started when I built a 1/48 Su-34 and 1/48 Su-35 shortly after each other. During that time I built a LOT of Russian armament. There is a photo with all weapons spread out in front of the Fullback. I think this was the time when the guys from the modeling group started that name.
  • With this Covid-19 period do you think that has affected the scale modelling world and how? It probably benefited since I see a lot more interaction and new accounts on Instagram. People tend to stay more inside especially at the beginning of the year but also now that it´s slowly turning winter again.
  • About Social media: which platform do you think fits best scale modelling? I would say either Instagram or YouTube. The Story function makes it easy to share work in progress and on the feed you can post some nicer photos (when quality allows it). YouTube is quite popular and I might try it out in the future but it is a lot more work to produce content there.
  • You have over 7000 followers on Instagram: what is your advice for all those modelers waiting to follow your path? Is it any negative side having so many followers? It´s a great community where I try to share as many tips as possible and answer questions other people have. I´d say enjoy the hobby don´t just do it for likes. Continue to post stuff and talk to others we have a pretty great modeling community on Instagram. No real negative sides so far.
  • Best advice you can give to all our fellow readers when it comes to weathering? Try stuff out most things can be fixed rather easily. Experimenting will help you the most in the end. What I did when I started Instagram is: I looked at other modeler´s builds and each time I saw an interesting technique. Reference photos are the most important thing when weathering.
  • Your favorite kit maker? And the absolutely “no go”? I really enjoyed the new tool Eduard MiG-21 kits, great detail an excellent fitment. The worst one I´ve built is an Eastern Express kit, so those short run models are always a headache.
  • With so many products in the market, is it any specific one that you can’t live without? I have to go with my hole punches on this one. Whether it is masking wheels or canopies and panels they come in handy with a lot of masking tasks.
  • How many hours you put on the bench a week? I mainly build models during my semester holidays but during that time its several hours each day.


Thank you very much to David Rainer. Here and some of his awesome work:






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My parents bought me a Fujimi 1/48 BF-110C/D when I was 13 and stopped when I was 18. I picked the hobby up properly around 2 years ago... didn’t even know that aftermarket stuff existed!


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