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Creating mud in Armour Kits and Techniques
Jun 18th 20

In this quick article i'm going to show how i made some simple mud that looks layered and built up!Products used:50ml Light Brown Fine Texturing Earth Wilder TE-0550ml Gunpowder Line Dry European Mud ...

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Replace your Tamiya Extra Thin with Tamiya Airbrush Cleaner in Tools and General Techniques
Jun 4th 20

Both are using the same formular It is most definitely not an exaggeration to claim that the Tamiya Extra Thin is the most used cement amongst scalemodellers. Its ability to make plastic parts bond ...

Modelling Tools
Part Removal and Cleanup in Part Preparation and Tools
Jul 27th 20

The start of nearly any model building project starts with the removal of the actual parts from the sprue gates with which they come attached. These parts need to be removed in a way that causes ...

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Part Preparation
How to Remove Paint Buildup Along Masked Edges in Tools and General Techniques
Jun 11th 20

Removing Paint Buildup Along Masked Edges

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Scale Models
Building a simple Photo Box in Tools and General Techniques
Jun 15th 20

NOTE: You do not need an expensive camera to take nice pictures! Although the results will be better, you can also use an ordinary smartphone camera (which a pretty decent nowadays). A photo box can ...

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Airbrush for beginners in Tools and General Techniques
May 19th 20

Introduction to airbrushes: Welcome to Scale Modelling Wiki. This article is intended for newcomers to the hobby and those who are curious about airbru ...

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How to make rust in Armour Kits and Techniques
May 24th 20

In this article, I am going to try to go through the various steps to create rust effects. Based on a simple steel plate, the idea is to use different techniques, trying to achieve some realistic ...

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Weathering sandbags in Diorama Products and Techniques
Jun 24th 20

Modelling Technique
Create aircraft bulkheads from scratch in Aircraft Kits and Techniques
Jul 3rd 20

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Basic Tools in Bench, Basic Tools and Paints
Aug 3rd 20