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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Thursday, January 20, 2022

In this article I m gonna show how I weathering my tracks using washes and pigments!

Materials I used:

  • Black primed StuG IV Tracks
  • Different Acrylic Rust Paints
  • Light Rust Wash from ammo mig
  • Sand Color (the one you want) diluted with tap water
  • Vallejo Pigments Rust
  • Vallejo Pigments Light Sienna
  • Vallejo Pigments Natural Umber
  • Vallejo Pigments Light Yellow Ochre
  • different brushes
  • pencil
  • sponge

Step 1

So the first step is to use your Rust Acrylics. For that you have to dip the sponge into one of the colors and start speckling it over the tracks leaving enough Space between it. After that you repeat the progress with the other shades until you happy with the result. The effect will be fading in the next steps so dont be afraid if its completly rusty for now.

Attention! the track shouldnt be completly covered with rust colors so let a little bit of the black shining through.

Picture will be added soon!!!


Step 2

Next you have to put on an generous amount of light rust wash on the Tracks. It has to cover the whole tracks but dont let it drown in the wash so streak the wash with your brush until its all distributed.

After this you will receive better results starting with the next Step immediately to achieve a better effect.

Picture will be added soon!!!

Step 3

Now you have to use an bristle brush to put the rust pigments on the tracks. You can add as much as your fine with the result and anyway you can wipe the excess if you added to much.

You should cover all of the tracks again because the pigments will also mattify the rust wash and make it look more realistic.

Picture will be added soon!!!

Step 4

Now you need to dilute a random Sand Color (you can choose every color you want) with tap water to make it become a liquid. After that you can use it like an wash and just like the rust wash you can go over the whole tracks.

Just be careful to not cover everything underneath and streak until you fine with the result.

Picture will be added soon!!!


Step 5

After that you should immediately start adding the Mud and Dust Pigments. First you start with the Base Pigment in this case its the Light Sienna one and cover the tracks with it wipping enouhg off to not cover the whole rust. After they dried for a bit you can start with the darkest pigment, the Natural Umber one. So put it on the middle of the track to simulate wet mud that have been picked up while driving through mud and puddles. Additional you can use wet effects but I dont have one so I just go on. And the Last Pigment step is to use the Light Yellow Ochre one at the sides of the tracks to simulate the Mud which got pressed to the side and dried then.

Thos steps depend on how muddy/dusty you wanna make the Tracks so add more if you want them covered in mud and less when you want just a touch of dust.

Picture will be added soon!!!

Step 6

The Final Step. For that you have to grab a pencil (softer is better) and rub them over the top of the tracks. This will simulate the grounding of the tracks same as railroad tracks when a train had driven over them.

Picture will be added soon!!!

And than you have finished the weathering and can be proud of your example and put it on the tank.

(Of course you can add more things and use other products if you want but thats they way I do it)

Thanks everyone for reading I hope I could help you and teach you something new.


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