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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Thursday, January 20, 2022

In this article I want to show you how to easily weather a wooden box only using acrylic washes and a bit of dark pigment. 

First, make sure the box has been painted and cover with gloss or semi-gloss varnish. Varnishing the piece that you want to weather has multiple advantages: 

  • It protects the paintwork on the model 
  • It will help the wash to run freely on the model enabling it to get into every crack or dentation, giving the model depth and volume 
  • It will allow you to remove the wash without trouble if you are not happy with the result giving you the choice to keep retrying until you are happy with the results 


Then we start applying a dark green wash around all the corners and cracks:

This simulates organic grow in the wood. 

Afterwards with a wide brush buff and blend so the contrast is not too noticeable, if you overdo it don’t worry, you can always apply more wash until you get the desired effect. 

Once you are happy with the organic growth, we will apply a grey wash to prepare the wood with different tones, in real life a slap of wood is rarely identical to another so we will use our imagination to create a random patter in the next steps. 

When you are happy with it, simply buff and blend again… 

In the next steps is where we apply different tones of brown, in this case dark brown and “oiled earth” brown washes. Don’t worry if you haven’t got the exact colors, any variation of brown will do if the contrast between them is not too strong. 

and afterwards the second brown wash…

As you can see, we are already achieving some tones variations on the wood, the next step we, you guessed it right, buff and blend again! 

buffing and blending!

Finally, we get to the last stage where we can use a dark pigment to darken corners and the bottom of the box. We are trying to recreate wear and tear on those parts. 

After the final buff and blend, you got yourself a weathered box!. To preserved the tones and colours I would highly recommend to matt varnish the model afterwards.

Do not forget to check out the video for this article below!


Thank you, Rafael


For this article I mainly used Italeri acrylic wash as follow:

  • Dark green
  • Grey
  • Dark brown
  • Oiled earth
  • black/smoked pigment (AK)
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