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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Thursday, January 20, 2022

In this quick article i’m going to show how i made some simple mud that looks layered and built up!

Products used:

  • 50ml Light Brown Fine Texturing Earth Wilder TE-05
  • 50ml Gunpowder Line Dry European Mud Wilder GP-08
  • 50ml Gunpowder Line Dark Europe Terrain Wilder GP-09
  • Mig Productions P415 Light European Earth
  • Tamiya Mini XF-57 Flat Buff
  • Tamiya Acrylic Mini XF-55 Deck Tan
  • Tamiya Acrylic Mini XF-52 Flat Earth
  • AK Interactive – Pigment Fixer – AK00048
  • AK Interactive – Light Dust Deposit
  • 50ml Nitro Line Light Brown Dirt Effect Wilder NL-25

For the first application i used Wilders Light Brown Fine Texturing Earth to create some texture on the lower surfaces where mud would accumulate.

This is applied as depending on the location the model is set in.

After i applied the textured earth i can immediately start to blend it with tap water.

Now that i have blended the textured earth as much as i can, i’m going to further blend it with a light dust mixture through the airbrush using a highly thinned mix of tamiya acrylics. A mix of three colours XF-57 Flat Buff XF-52 Flat Earth these two colours were mixed about 50/50 together and then added a tiny bit of XF-55 Deck Tan, After mixing them they were thinned with x-20a to about a ratio of 80% thinner and 20% paint. This mixture was sprayed on carefully in layers over our previous work and any areas which would have dust built up. This method is known as pre dusting.

Now comes the messy part of using pigments i always work with a paper towel when using pigments they get everywhere!!

I start by applying Wilders two pigments Dry European Mud and Dark Europe Terrain going back and fourth between them and applying as much as you want. Concentrating the dark pigment on the lowest parts inside the wheel well and the lighter in areas of less traffic.

After the pigments were applied the areas received a soaking of Ak interactives pigment fixer and left to dry.

The final part is to blend the mud even further with splattering effects i usually use two colours in this case i used ak’s Light Dust Deposit and wilders Light Brown Dirt. Those products were then splattered on using a brush against a toothpick.

The finished look can be seen in this photo

Last updated bydev_yurii on 20th June 2020
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SMWAdmin 18th June 2020 at 6:09 pm

Great article Ben. Many thanks for contributing it 🙂

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