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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Thursday, January 20, 2022

What can be achieved.

Painting over a black based primer. This method will allow you to create tonal layers in the variation  of the final colour of you paint scheme.


Black primer to paint over.

Various shades of paint as shown in article.



Stage 1.

Prime the area to be painted with black primer.

Stage 2.

Using a colour that is lightly darker than the final colour. Start painting the panels in a mottled effect to start covering the base paint.

This darker colour will help to provide tonal variation the final finish

Stage 3.

Now using a lighter grey than the final finish start filling in rest of panels to create an uneven toned effect.

As you can see there is now a build of up various shades which will have a large impact on the final colours.

Stage 4.

Using the primer colour of the aircraft in question and a very dark grey. Use the primer colour to highlight panels that would be regularly accessed and require regular paint repairs and use the darker colour to highlight other areas to create real contrast.

And now the area is ready for its final coat of paint 🙂

Stage 5.

With the actual aircraft paint colour, its now time to start thinly blending in all these colours with the correct camouflage colour.


Apply layers slowly and thinly so you do not lose the variation of shades. But build up enough that you are personally happy with the final finish.


With thanks to @kriegs_modelling for the topic and video.


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