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Saturday, December 4, 2021
Saturday, December 4, 2021

Hasegawa 1/72 UH-60A “VIP HAWK”

  • Product Name : UH-60A 'VIP Hawk'
  • Product Number : 00175
  • Manufacturer : Hasegawa

Quality of Packaging:-

Quality of Materials:-

Quality of Instructions:-

Quality of Decals:-

Overall Rating:-

For information about Hasegawa click Here

For information about the UH-60 click Wikipedia


The Kit:

This kit is being around for a while, since 1985 as UH-60A Blackhawk. As you would expect from a kit of this age it comes with some issues which I will discuss further down. Don’t get me wrong, in 1985 this kit was probably “the” blackhawk to have then, but time doesn’t forgive anyone.

It comes with 5 sprues which one of them is clear parts, a decal sheet and a folded up instructions booklet typical of Hasegawa.

As you can see from the screen shots the kit, for its age, shows pretty good details. Some of them are way out of proportion, like the door hinges and others are pretty neat in my opinion like the guns and the pilots… yes it does come with the full set to convert the kit into a UH-60A Blackhawk providing you can find the deals for it.



The guns and the pilot are pretty good detailed for the scale…. the door might need some light sanding on those hinges to make them more acceptable.


  • Recess panel lines
  • good details for an old kit
  • Hasegawa hard plastic
  • can be convert it to a Blackhawk if you can find the decals
  • lots of extra parts for the stash


  • slightly oversize details
  • Hasegawa instructions folded sheet feel dated compare to other manufactures.
  • Decals doesn’t age well (my one suffers a yellow tint where it is supposed to be white)


Would I recommend it to you? I would say yes. If we look beyond the little issues and find yourself some decals you could potentially build a Blackhawk or go for the VIP Hawk out of the box. The price factor makes it a steal, I got my one on a online retailer for £6… one can’t go wrong for that price.


Review courtesy of Scalemodelling Wiki and my wallet.

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My parents bought me a Fujimi 1/48 BF-110C/D when I was 13 and stopped when I was 18. I picked the hobby up properly around 2 years ago... didn’t even know that aftermarket stuff existed!


SMWAdmin 31st May 2020 at 5:42 pm

Always good to see a helicopter in the review section 🙂

Eugene 8th July 2020 at 8:31 am

Woah, beautiful helicopter! I would like to buy it

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