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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Thursday, January 20, 2022

FV217 Badger, British Army Fictional Tank Destroyer

  • Product Name : FV217 Badger British Heavy Tank Destroyer
  • Product Number : 35A034
  • Manufacturer : Amusing Hobby

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The FV217 Badger from Amusing Hobby recently released on late 2019, is one of the latest in their line of paper tanks that’s not often available from other model kit brand.

This kit will be brushpainted with Berlin Brigade Scheme, originally used by British Army during Cold War era, which effectively disguised Chieftain tanks on city streets.

It is a fictional tank made real by Wargaming Studios game commonly known as “World of Tanks”. The concept was based on a project for a tank destroyer that used the FV214 Conqueror chassis and developed in the late 1940s, existed only on blueprint.

This vehicle was designed as a heavy self-propelled anti-tank vehicle, able to mount a 120mm gun usually used by main battle tank. There is little known information on the actual project, but due to complications on the production of this heavy tank, it was cancelled.

Inside the big box you get eleven sprues in tan plastic + hull halves, individual track links in brown styrene, PE parts (which are barely used on this kit) , and metal cable.

A closer look will make you guess why there’s a turret given for a turret-less vehicle. It’s because ten of the eleven sprues and the track links are exactly the same as Amusing Hobby Counqueror prior release. Which means that you get A LOT of unused parts after this kit is finished.


  • Very clear instruction manual
  • Easy and straightforward assemble process
  • Lots of unused parts means that you can use them for other projects such as for making diorama


  • Lots of unused parts also means that you need more time to sort out which parts are used in this kit and which aren’t


Overall this kit is quite straight-forward to assemble, thanks to the easy to follow instruction manual.

This is the finished look before painting process.

For those of you who wanted to make Berlin Brigade camo, Ammo by Mig Jimenez have the set of paints that you can follow.

And the result is quite satisfactory. The only problem is that the base color (Grey Blue) is too dark compared to some actual photos so I added a few drops of Matt White.

And here’s the last sets of photo after I added a little bit of weathering (track wash and filters).


In conclusion this model is a must have for fans of WoT and British vehicle. Painting the camo is also a fun and interesting process, especially if you handpainted them like I did. It’s not hard to do, you just need to have a lot of patience masking and painting each of the blocks.

Thanks for reading this and have a good day to you all 🙂

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Hello everyone I'm Nicholas, 21 years old from Indonesia. Recently started modelling again after an 8 years break. I hope I can learn so many new things from you guys :)

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