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Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Wednesday, June 23, 2021
  • Product Name : Prinz Eugen Garage Kit
  • Manufacturer : Ichigo Milktea

This is a rather unique type of kit. It falls under the category of “Garage kits”, which are a kind of scale model kit most commonly cast in resin. What sets them apart from normal kits, however, is that they are primarily amateur-produced. This specific garage kit portrays Prinz Eugen from the popular Chinese mobile game Azur Lane, in which ships from the second world war are portrayed as characters. Yes, this is supposed to be that one, Prinz Eugen, from Operation Rheinübung with the Bismarck.

This specific kit has been sculpted by Ichigo Milk tea, a Japanese garage kit producer.

The model is made entirely out of resin and does not include any detail-parts such as photoetch etc. However, this should not stop you from expressing some creative work on the model. In my case, I added a real wood deck to the rigging, as well as replaced the resin gun barrels with 381 mm Italian Roma guns for extra detail. This little addon worked wonders.

I myself have been building this kit for around two years, constantly putting it off given my lack of experience. I forced myself to finish up with it a couple of weeks ago and well, here we are. Unfortunately, given my inexperience back then, I damaged some of the details i.e. hair, panel lines etc.

The main colours that I used for this kit were Mr Color Character flesh (1 and 2), Mr Color IJN Kure grey, Tamiya german grey and clear blue, some semi-gloss and gloss black (depending on the area), Mr Color Red FS11136, a gunmetal color of a company that shouldn’t be named for controversial reasons and Gaianotes lavender and premium red. The model was primed using Mr color surface primer (1500 white to be more precise).

It should also be noted that this model does not have a good manual. It has currently about 3 companies recasting them (GK-Model, E2046 and an aliexpress seller). All of them seem to come with a couple of papers that show how to put together the hair and the “backpack”. Everything else is a guessing game. Have fun with that, I certainly did.

In addition to the model, I have created my own base for it. The symbol on it is the logo of the “Ironblood” faction, which is the game counterpart to the Kriegsmarine faction.  It was engraved using a laser engraver, but a CNC can also be used. The most expensive part about this was getting it engraved, truth be told. I purchased a simple wooden tablet at a hardware store (supposedly it was for kitchen use) and using a jigsaw, made a smoother edge and a smaller diameter of 31 cm. The sides were then polished using an electric sander with a 100 grit sandpaper belt. The rest is all about priming and painting and polishing. However, to top it off, I decided to experiment with epoxy resin to highlight the symbol. With some red dye mixed in, I poured it into the shape (Don’t just pour it look up the instructions!) and let it sit for over 24 hours. Then all that was left was to drill the holes for the pins to be inserted and voila: You got a nice looking base!

Not much needs to be said in regards to the construction of the model. Its relatively straightforward once you wrestle enough with it for a while. Put it together first so you know what goes where, and later paint it AND DEFINITELY CLEAR COAT. If you don’t, you’re gonna be having a great time with paint chips.


If you have any questions in regards to this kit or the construction of it, contact me on my Instagram page @Spinomaks_models

I will be more than happy to assist you!

Hope you guy enjoy the build and as they say in Germany,

Vielen Dank~

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