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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Thursday, January 20, 2022
  • Product Name : 1:72 Blackburn Buccaneer S.2C
  • Product Number : A06021
  • Manufacturer : Airfix

The Blackburn Buccaneer was one of the most successful naval strike aircraft of the Cold War, being used both over water and over land by the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm and the Royal Air Force. Airfix’s representation of this formidable aircraft, is one to be celebrated. The kit is an absolute joy to build, brand new building techniques give it a fun aspect, and the way it’s put together is unlike many other jet aircraft kits! I cannot recommend this kit enough.

The build is close to flawless, with only minor needs for filling and sanding. Airfix are notorious for trying new things out, and not always coming up on top, but this kit is one to be proud of. As for my build, I started off with the cockpit, which in the usual Airfix style, has flat instrument panels. Apart from this disappointing aspect, the rest of the cockpit has commendable detail, notable the ejection seats, which are not far from perfect!

After dealing with the cockpit and inevitable nose weight, I moved on to the fuselage, which has a rather peculiar way of doing things. The kit is very modular, have you build the nose, mid fuselage and empennage in different sections, which are later brought together. The mid fuselage itself contains many of the supports, as well as the complicated wheel well builds. Once this is all put together, there is a lot of room left for more weights to be added forward of the rear wheel wells, as the amount you can fit in the nose is evidently far from enough. With this all together it was time to build the empennage, which had a rather orthodox design, two halves joined vertically, then the T tail added on top.

After the build, it was time for paint! And as this was a Naval boxing, we are greeted with two gorgeous schemes, one based from HMS Eagle, in June 1971, and one from HMS Ark Royal, January 1972. I ended up going for the Ark Royal option, which meant I had to fish out the old Tamiya XF-54, for the Extra Dark Sea Grey colour. This was a lovely paint to use, went down very smoothly. I then proceeded to add some mottling, using Tamiya’s XF-21 Sky, which was proceeded by another thin coat of XF-54.

With that done, decal time! But not before an obligatory coat of gloss varnish, in this case Tamiya’s X-22 clear. The decals all went down superbly, as Cartograph decals do, and it was a fairly simple process. After this, another coat of clear, and I put down a Flory Models dark dirt clay based wash, which works very well for me. I then sealed this with a final coat of X-22 clear.

After that, I moved onto the small parts, and folded wings! All of these were very simple to add, and were given 24 hours to fully cure.

With this, the build was done! I seriously cannot recommend this kit enough, it is seriously a joy to put together!

The finished article!

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