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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Thursday, January 20, 2022

About Us

Hello and welcome to a site dedicated to providing community based product reviews, build articles and technique articles whatever area of scale modelling you may be interested in.


We, like you, love the world of scale modelling.  From childhood most of us will have loved the thrill of opening a new kit and as adults we look forward to immersing ourselves in our latest project hoping that we can get a little bit better each time.


The internet has enabled a greater sense of community for us modellers.  We can search around the world for that certain kit or aftermarket product to enhance our creations and use forums to chat, share and learn


So why this site?  We know that there are already some great modeling websites out there.  We use them as a constant source of information, enjoy the good humoured conversations and follow the progress of builds.


As much as we love these sites we wanted to create something a little different – a site with a very specific focus.  We wanted to create a consolidated modelling manual.  A manual built by our modelling community which shows all the various ways that we build, paint and weather our models.  A site that is open to all to contribute and which will become a one stop shop for tips, step-by-step guides and reviews.


Just think – no more searching forums and youtube channels, hoping that you are using the right search phrase!  At your fingertips will be a single site supported by its own youtube channel showing the details of an evergrowing selection of builds whether old or new – all provided by fellow modellers.


What’s more this site will be free to use. No paywalls. Ever. Guaranteed.

(Oh and yes. Yes, we have a forum )


So over to you.  We welcome articles from everyone.  Submit a build article so that we can appreciate your individual skills and techniques and share these across the modelling community. You might even want to include a video in your article, we don’t mind if this promotes your own site or channel – we just want to grow this ultimate modelling manual.  What about a kit review?  Remember, even if your kit is a 1956 Novo model; there will probably be someone, somewhere wondering what it’s like as they longed to build that model and it has never been moulded again.  So take this opportunity to share your reviews, articles and thoughts.


We hope you see the value in what this site can become and that you join us to share in this great hobby of scale modelling and help us all learn, improve and most of all enjoy.


Thank you


Any kit can be reviewed. It doesn’t have to be new or the latest and greatest. Someone somewhere is probably wishing there was a review of that Airfix Golden Hind in your stash before they commit to buying one on Ebay.

How to submit a review article.

Build Articles

Everyone likes to be inspired by what their fellow modellers achieve. Show us your masterpieces and tell us about the tools and techniques you used to create your latest pride and joy.

How to submit a build article.

Tips and Techniques

Know how to strip and type of paint from a plastic model? Or maybe you can show how to weather a Tank to perfection. Share it with the community and we can add it to the wiki for all to see and learn from.

How to submit a technique article.

Never Forget.

One of best things about the modelling community has always been a willingness to share information, teach and help each other improve and enjoy this hobby.

We recognise that the only way that this site can succeed is if you the community see the value in it and contribute to it in becoming a resource useful to all modellers. So whether you are new to the hobby, returning after a break or a master builder with decades of experience, We hope you find this a place to enjoy.

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