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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Thursday, January 20, 2022

1/72 Focke-Wulf Fw 200 C-8

  • Product Name : Focke-Wulf Fw 200 C-8
  • Product Number : 01639
  • Manufacturer : Trumpeter

Quality of Packaging:-

Quality of Materials:-

Quality of Instructions:-

Quality of Decals:-

Overall Rating:-

The Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor, also known as Kurier to the Allies (English: Courier), was a German all-metal four-engined monoplane originally developed by Focke-Wulf as a long-range airliner. A Japanese request for a long-range maritime patrolaircraft led to military versions that saw service with the Luftwaffeas long-range reconnaissance and anti-shipping/maritime patrol bomber aircraft. The Luftwaffe also made extensive use of the Fw 200 as a transport aircraft.

It achieved success as a commerce raider until mid-1941, by which time it was being harried by long-range RAF Coastal Command aircraft and the Hurricane fighters being flown from CAM ships.

source: Wikipedia

Trumpeter has done a gem of a kit with this one. It clearly shows it is a scale down of their 1/48 scale which it is a really nice kit already. The little brother boast all the details of its big brother at a reduce shelf space: make no mistake about it, this kit fully assembled measures almost 33cm in length by 45cm across… yes it is an 1/72!.

all the sprues are individually bagged and the clear part are well protected…. just look at the pic, can others makers follow suit please?. The decals are crisp and well protected too… kudos to trumpeter for making the effort.

If I wouldn’t know better I would say at first glance that this kit was a Hobbyboss , since both companies are sisters, I think Trumpeter did “borrowed” this one from its sibling 😎.

The engineer side of it is worth mentioning too. You get a huge plane, with full interior and extra weapons done is thirteen steps. Instructions are very clear and typical of Trumpeter/Hobbyboss

This a rare and iconic plane which at the time expanded the capability of the Luftwaffe and as such it deserved a good kit to represent that… I think Trumpeter just nailed it.

The kit contains a total of 9 sprues and a decal sheet as follows:

3x containing mainly fuselage.

1x with interior parts.

2x with engines and exterior parts

2x missile, fuel tanks and antennas.

1x clear parts.

1x decal sheet.




  • excellent build quality
  • brilliant packaging
  • clear instructions
  • rare subject


  • None


A clearly must have for fans of WW2 and aviation in general, go and buy it now.

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My parents bought me a Fujimi 1/48 BF-110C/D when I was 13 and stopped when I was 18. I picked the hobby up properly around 2 years ago... didn’t even know that aftermarket stuff existed!


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